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Won’t add any real advice except to note that another researcher has moved on… someone who worked together with me for over 10 years!

I’ve included some material that others might find it useful!

Go to HERE.

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Some of my news that changes my focus a bit

Well it has had to happen! I’ve let local colleagues know and thought I should share it… just to let people know…

It turns out that my health-related consequences are on the negative side and that I have a health-related problem that will lose rather badly. There is some current treatment I am using to extend things for a few months… but that really is it.

So what does it mean…

  • Well the ongoing treatment will keep me going for a short while
  • My focus is on my family and enjoyment rather than road safety work… although I should point out that I am intending for occasional road safety comments etc… 🙂
  • I am unpaid now… which of course means I can say some real things about the road safety things without being concerned about a reduction in my income etc… that could be fun
  • It may be possible to be really blunt from time to time (woohoo)
  • There is a goodly number of road safety professionals here in Australia who I still have a lot of respect for… so I probably won’t be a difficult person very often.

So… I am still keen to have a bit of an opinion… to join in some discussion… to contribute to things that might be worthwhile…

Although having said that, my real focus now is on spending my time with my family and my friends as much as possible. The road safety focus will be a little important, but most likely rather trivial compared to other things!

I thought it was time to share where things are at without feeling too bad… I hope this is OK and that my colleagues and friends can still enjoy whatever is possible this year… just for a bit of fun when needed!

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Some research teams just aren’t keeping aware…

It is a bit odd, but sometimes people currently involved in a research project or program development in road safety don’t actually take the time or energy required… or develop the expertise… by reading the large body of research and theoretical material that already exists. They sometimes wander into research and program work pretending that they are already experts when their expertise is potentially limited by their limited development of good history and knowledge.

This is an issue in many projects, with the a recent one being the astonishing lack of knowledge in relation to a proposed young driver education program and its evaluation plan. After many years of developing the current program in one Australian state and running an ongoing evaluation of its association with crash risk, the research consulting body actually asked to see how the ideal or necessary sample size was selected in the evaluation plan.

I’d be hoping that this is a little concerning for the client and even the research consultants! The request for this information seems to imply that they have not accessed earlier material that argued for the proposed sample size.  The surprise here is that the earlier material was published in the ATSB national road safety project report that included a proposed program and a substantial amount of information about things like sample size issues. The information was detailed and thorough.  It included my own detailed series of sample size requirements for the project.

You would think, if you trusted the expertise of the research team, that they might just have read the very large reports that include this (and other) issues.

This is a published document, but I have added a copy here if you’d like to read it for yourself and at least be somewhat cleverer than some other people interested in the program and its evaluation. You can GO TO THE DOWNLOADABLE REPORT PAGE, or just DOWNLOAD IT directly as a PDF if interested.

Hopefully the current research team will be accessing this and a few other published reports that might be … well … useful in improving their evaluation work? Apparently something that might just be useful!

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This report relates to OLDER driver assessment

Couldn’t resist something a bit different. Back in 2003 I prepared and submitted a contracted report concerning a review of older-driver safety literature and a small data-collection research project, along with some ideas for the organisation that paid the bill.

As usual, reports prepared for this organisation don’t get out there, so I have made it a bit more subtle and published in my publication collection on this site in this year. You can GO TO THE DOWNLOADABLE REPORT PAGE, or just DOWNLOAD IT directly as a PDF if interested.

Oh… I have done a quick publication search for more-recent literature in the research area – wouldn’t hurt someone to do a more-recent literature review at some stage to build on the sorts of recommendations that would be excellent if they had positive effects on the safety-related decision making process that seems to avoid us at time!

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Another report available for a read – and a large one!

After publishing some material about a decade ago I have combined a couple of reports that have something useful to say about collisions between cars and motorcycles. This is especially important because the number of collisions involving motorcycles is increasing, and in my original reports made some sensible comments about how car drivers contribute to the problem. It draws on psychological/behavioural theoretical material and then reports some research that provide some support.

There was a strange and rather inexperienced reaction from the Monash University Accident Research Centre suggesting a strange opinion about basic behavioural theories and patterns, but one current publication from the same organisation could be taken as supportive of some of the issues I discussed about some time ago.  It seems like a good time to remind them and others that basic behavioural phenomena play a role in behaviour and skill-related issues.

The reports were written by me – the first while employed as a researcher with ARRB, and then the second written as a consultant. Both reports have had a slight public availability, so these ones are actually not “secret”… just interesting!

The combination of the two reports can be downloaded from my growing publication page by clicking here, or the PDF file itself can be downloaded by clicking here as a single report.

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Adding more material based on sound research and reviews

I have decided to start adding previous reports and research papers developed by me as a road safety and psychology expert. It seems a bit silly keeping some things as if they are secret or difficult to find – so there is now a new page on this site that will provide an increasing amount of my reports and papers for people to read. It’s not always brilliant, of course, but people might enjoy it.

This material can be accessed from THIS PAGE HERE, and new material will be added regularly.

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Predicting young driver safety and behaviour – a literature review

There is a draft report I prepared to investigate a large body of research, within and outside the road safety areas, to develop some recommendations for how childhood and adolescent characteristics and behaviours might have a predictable role for identifying young drivers with safety and behavioural problems.

The summary is on the relevant page on this site (click here), as is the full PDF draft of the report for public access.

The report summarised publicly-available research from broad psychological and social publications and the research findings and theoretical issues are all already publicly known in the academic literature and are therefore not private or confidential. The combination of this research body with some aspects of young driver issues is, however, an interesting publication for those in the road safety area.

Please feel free to read the summary, and then if interested you can click on and download the full PDF report at the end of that page. I hope it is of some interest!

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